Client Care Standards

Below is a brief statement of the standards of Adequate Professional Service (or what is commonly called client care standards) for lawyers under the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct) Rules 2015:

Standards of Adequate Professional Service



to provide diligent legal service;



to ensure as a lawyer he/she is competent to represent his/her client;



to complete work within a reasonable time;



to keep the client informed on the progress of the case;



to promptly respond to client's communications or keep appointments made with client;



to explain to the client important developments in his/her case e.g. offers of settlements;



to be honest in all the legal practitioner’s dealings with his or her client;



to discuss the possible risks or expenses of proceedings arising from the case;



to follow all lawful, proper and reasonable instructions that a client is competent to give;



use all legal means to advance the client’s interest to a reasonable standard.

A lawyer who fails to meet the standards described above can be subjected to a complaint of inadequate professional service made by a client under section 75B of the Legal Profession Act. Visit the section on "Complaints" for further information.