1. In the "Title" field, key in the position or the type of advertisement you are placing eg Legal Secretary or Office Space for Rent.
  2. Under "Category", select one of the following options:
    1. "Position Available-Support Staff", "Position Available-Practitioner", or "Position Available-In-house Counsel"
    2. "Office Space for Rent" for office space rental
    3. "Others" for sale of legal paraphernalia or office equipment
  3. In the "Details" field, type your requirements. If you have your text in a Word file, copy the text from Word onto Notepad and paste the text into the "Details" field. Do not copy directly from your Word file as our E-Classifieds screen will not capture the information.
  4. Upon each submission, an email will be sent from the Society advising the advertiser on the advertisement cost and payment mode.
  5. Every website advertisement when approved and uploaded, is posted for a two-week period.
  6. Advertisements will only be published upon the Law Society's receipt of the full payment of the advertising fees. Click on "Guidelines and Procedures" to view the advertising rates.