What is it?

A confidential counselling service administered in conjunction with the Singapore Care and Counselling Centre. Under the scheme, members may seek advice and counselling from a qualified counsellor.

What Does it Cover?
  • Individual psychotherapy

  • Marital counselling

  • Conciliation services for couples considering separation or divorce

  • Family therapy

The Process

The counsellor will:

  • aim to understand and assess the nature of the problem

  • elucidate the underlying and precipitating factors

  • discuss the nature of the problem and available options for its management

Who Pays?

The Law Society of Singapore will bear the operational costs of the service, with a grant from our insurance brokers, Lockton, where the Singapore Care and Counselling Centre determines that the member requires financial assistance to pay for the sessions.

Is Confidentiality Assured?

Yes, the Law Society’s only involvement is to administer the operational costs, and receive non-identifying information such as the number of consultations.

Who Can Apply?

Any member may apply, by prior appointment, from Mondays to Fridays during office hours.

Whom Do I Contact?

Counselling and Care CentreBlock 536 Upper Cross Street#05-241 Hong Lim ComplexSingapore 050536Tel: 6536 6366