Support Schemes

To address various needs of our members, the Law Society has established the following schemes to assist and support members.

Relational Mentorship

This scheme aims to provide mentor upon request with a focus on the psychosocial well-being of young practitioners. Click here for more information.

Members' Assistance & Care Helpline (MACH)

Under this new one stop referral and information services for members, members may call to speak confidentially on ethical issues at work or problems which may affect work. More details can be found here.

Practice Consult

Under this scheme, a legal practice management consultant offers guidance and advice on practice risk management, practice management issues or client relationships on a strictly confidential basis. More details can be found here.


Under this scheme, the Society has collated a list of senior lawyers who have volunteered to provide advice and guidance to junior lawyers on various areas of law. Click here for more information.

Mentoring Scheme for Small Firms

This is a mentoring programme where proprietors and partners of small law practices are mentored by experienced senior lawyers on issues relating to practice management. Click here for more information.


Are you facing personal problems and do not know where to turn to? Consult a counsellor under the LawCare scheme, a confidential counselling service administered in conjunction with the Singapore Care and Counselling Centre. More details can be found here.

Defence Assist

To assist members facing disciplinary proceedings, the Society has launched an initiative called Defence Assist. Under this scheme, members facing disciplinary proceedings may seek legal assistance on disciplinary proceedings from fellow members who have volunteered to provide such assistance. Click here for more information about this initiative.


In the unfortunate event of a dispute between law practices, parties concerned may wish to consider mediation by a Senior Counsel. Under SCMediate, any Senior Counsel in private practice will, upon request and subject to his availability, act as mediator to mediate a dispute between law practices without charge where the total time spent does not exceed half a day. Read more about this initiative here.

Cost Dispute Resolve

This scheme aims to provide an alternative avenue for members, their clients and third parties to resolve disputes on legal costs amicably and economically. Click here to find out more.

Welfare Fund

The Society administers a Fund to assist members, former members and their dependants in financial hardship. Click here for more information.


We administer and award the The Bar Memorial Scholarship (for full-time undergraduate degree course of study in any discipline although preferably law).