Ultimate Performance located on Cross Street is a bespoke one-on-one Transformation gym, the largest private personal training gym in Singapore and the world that delivers your life changing moments.

Ultimate Performance are offering Law Society members exclusive rate till end December 2019!

To receive the following benefits, book in your consultation with Amy@UPFitness.com or follow the link here!


Law Society members will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Personal Training Packages
2. Exclusive Law Society 60 Session Offer (10% off original price)

Serious about training? This package will certainly take you above and beyond what you ever expected you could achieve!
3. World Famous UP 12 Week (36 Session) Transformation Package

This is what UP is famous for on a global scale!
4. 18 Session Taster Package

Do not take the word 'taster' lightly! This taster package will certainly put you through your paces and certainly get you hooked!

These packages are the full 360 and include complete nutritional planning and guidance. A full body assessment that includes body fat, weight, girth and priority measurements such as the body's level of inflammation and how effectively you are able to use insulin. This assessment allows your trainer to track your progression in a data driven numerical context.
5. Group Training Individual Package
  • 20 Sessions + 10 week extend expiry date
  • 40 Sessions + 20 week expiry + Bonus $100 in-house credit
  • The 100 Session Ultimate Group Training Package + NO EXPIRY + Bonus $400 in-house credit.
UP have expanded their time frames on Group Training in order to give you even more flexibility with your training and work travel schedules. This also includes an initial full body assessment along with nutritional guidelines that will help you progress towards your goals. Credit can be used to purchase supplements and/or post workout shakes to help aid in your health and fitness goals!

For Group Training Schedule, click here.

To book your consultation or for more information please contact Amy@UPFitness.com or
Call +65 6536 8649
Located: 8 Cross Street Ground Floor, Singapore 048424

The facility comes fully kitted out with the following extras:

  • Protein shake bar where you can get your own personalised shake
  • Relaxation area for that much needed post workout rest
  • Freshly ground organic coffee
  • EatUP - UP’s own gourmet food preparation service that can be delivered right to your desk

Terms and Conditions

  • Once your personal training package is completed, the same discount can be used again for the purchase of your second personal training package.
  • These exclusive offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Booking of each class is subject to availability.
  • Sessions will be forfeited for no-show after a booking is made.
  • With any package listed (personal training, group training and individual group training packages) there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • EatUP delivery is subject to availability within the delivery radius (contact us to confirm whether your location is covered).
  • When ordering EatUP the deadline is Thursday 6pm to receive your package the following Monday.
  • To enjoy the privileges, simply produce the below document(s) for verifications:

    LSS Member Lawyers:
    • UOB-Law Society Credit Card
    • Law Firm Business Card (to be accompanied with quote ‘Law Society’)
    LSS Staff (either option):
    • UOB-Law Society Credit Card
    • Law Society Staff name tag
    • Law Society Name Card
    • Law Society Medical Card

Duration of Partnership

  • Ultimate Performance reserves the right to remove this offer at any time without notice.