Care for your elderly family members easily with Carer

Carer is a mobile app that enables people to take care of themselves and others conveniently. People with chronic illnesses and caregivers of the elderly can use the app to easily monitor and manage medical appointments and medications, receive relevant caregiving tips and support from an online community of healthcare professionals and caregivers, and easily hire qualified local nurses and trained caregivers for medical escort, home care and nursing procedures.








Our Carers are registered local nurses and trained care aides who have the relevant skill certifications and eldercare experience. They have also passed stringent background checks.




You can also give other family members access to the care recipient’s information so everyone can keep track of the appointments and medications together.



Download the Carer app to reduce your caregiving stress and burden, and take better care of yourself and your loved ones at home! Visit for more information.

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Benefits for members of the Law Society of Singapore:

  • Receive a free one hour care consultation from a registered nurse (worth $200). This includes vital signs monitoring/assessment of your elderly family members as well as home-based caregiver training.
  • 5% discount on the hourly rate of medical escort and home care services (minimum 2 hours booking)

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is valid till 31 December 2019
  • This offer cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions
  • Please e-mail the relevant documents below for proof of membership to to receive the offer:
    • For LSS Staff:
      ■  UOB-Law Society Credit Card
      ■  LSS Namecards
      ■  LSS Name Tag
      ■  LSS Medical Card
    • For Member Lawyers:
      ■  UOB-Law Society Credit Card