Making Payments to The Law Society

Save where expressly provided, payments to the Law Society for any of our goods and/or services including payment of penalties may be made by GIRO, cheque, credit card, telegraphic transfer or cash.

  • GIRO electronic direct debit
    GIRO is only available for law practices with GIRO accounts with the Law Society. Click here to check if your law practice already has a GIRO account with the Law Society. Click here for the GIRO application form.

  • Cheque payment
    All cheques must be made in favour of “The Law Society of Singapore”. Please write on the reverse of the cheque - your name, law practice, contact number and the purpose for which you are making the payment. You may deliver the cheque by hand or by post to the Law Society at 39 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058673 (attention it to the relevant department handling your transaction).

  • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard only)
    The payee shall bear the 3% administrative charge.

  • Telegraphic transfer
    The payee shall bear all local and overseas bank charges. The department/officer that you are liaising with will provide you with the Law Society’s bank details.

  • Cash
    Cash payments should not be sent by post to the Law Society. Cash payment should be made only if you are bringing it personally to the Law Society.

Please note that the Law Society cannot accept payment in any form on behalf of any third party.