Repository of Precedents

The Repository of Precedents is created by members of the Small Law Firms Committee to assist small law firm practitioners.

The repository includes the following precedents:

  1. Cease and Desist for Employment
  2. Cease and Desist Letter for Copyright Infringement
  3. Constitution of Society
  4. Letter of Demand
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  6. Sample Requisition under the Companies Act
  7. Statutory Demand under the Companies Act
  8. Statutory Demand under the Bankruptcy Act
  9. Deed of Assignment
  10. Distribution Agreement
  11. Share Purchase Agreement
  12. Share Transfer Form

These are merely sample precedents prepared by the Law Society’s Small Law Firms Committee 2016 and not Law Society approved formats. You may adapt the sample precedents as may be appropriate to suit the circumstances of the matter at hand.

The precedents can be found in the Members Library.