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Practice Management Guide

This Practice Management Guide is a reference material that a law practice can use as a guide when developing its own practice management system. It encompasses information on general management, personnel management, office administration, knowledge management, information technology, financial management, risk management, client care, case management, data protection, file management and closing of files.

The Practice Management Guide can be found in the Members’ Library.

1. Using LinkedIn to Disrupt Your Business As Usual
Part I: The Rise and Rise of LinkedIn – How to Catch the Wave? (Law Gazette March 2018)
2. Red Flag Indicators – Reporting Suspicious Transactions (Law Gazette March 2018)
3. Rethinking the Conveyancing Practice (Law Gazette February 2018)
4. INTELLLEX: Take Control of Your Knowledge (Law Gazette January 2018)
5. Reputation – Your Firm’s Most Prized Asset (Law Gazette January 2018)
6. Five Quickfire Questions and Tips to Form Your Law Firm’s Branding Strategy (Law Gazette December 2017)
7. Unwanted and Unwelcome – Sexual Harassment at the Workplace (Law Gazette November 2017)
8. Tech Talk – Tech Start for Law Spotlight (Law Gazette November 2017)
9. Tech Start for Law Spotlight: CLIO: Making Lawyers Efficient, Paperless and Mobile (Law Gazette October 2017)
10. Content Marketing for Lawyers – The Secret Sauce to Grow Your Business (Law Gazette October 2017)
11. Know Your Employee (Law Gazette September 2017)
12. Utilising Legal Technology for Your IP Management (Law Gazette September 2017)
13. Defining Your Social Media Policy (Law Gazette July 2017)
14. Camaraderie at the Bar (Law Gazette July 2017)
15. Eliminating “Unnecessary Busywork” through Optimal Use of Office Productivity Tools (Law Gazette July 2017)
16. Why You May Need a Privacy Policy (Law Gazette June 2017)
17. Setting the Tone – Policies to Prevent Money Laundering (Law Gazette April 2017)
18. Let's Keep it Confidential (Law Gazette March 2017)
19. Don't Take the Bait (Law Gazette February 2017)
20. Social Engineering – A perennial challenge (Eddie Toh, Forensic Partner and Chua Zong Fu, Associate Director, Forensic, KPMG in Singapore)
21. Fight On or Take Flight?
Asking the right questions to survive and thrive in the legal profession (Michael S Chia, MSC Law Corporation)
22. “But I found it on Google!”: Legal Research in the age of Digital Amnesia (Law Gazette December 2016)
23. Getting your firm onto the Net (Law Gazette October 2016)
24. Digital “War Rooms” in Hearings, Trials and Beyond: How Technology Innovations in Singapore, the UK and the US Are Transforming the Legal Landscape (Law Gazette October 2016)
25. The Use of Social Media and Internet Message Boards to Effect Substituted Service in Singapore (Law Gazette September 2016)
26. Legal Technology – Dispelling the Myths (Law Gazette August 2016)
27. Risk Management – Hurry Narain Purrunsing v A' Court & Co (A Firm) & Anor [2016] EWHC 789 (Ch) (Law Gazette July 2016)
28. Computer Forensics (Law Gazette June 2016)
29. A Short Primer on Social Media (Law Gazette April 2016)
30. Nipping Client Issues in the Bud Through Incorporating Mediation Clauses in Letters of Engagement (Law Gazette June 2015)
31. E-discovery in Asia: An Insight on Best Practices (Law Gazette June 2015)
32. The Ethics of Criminal Practice
Lecture by the Honourable Justice Steven Chong, Supreme Court of Singapore
Singapore Academy of Law Biennial Ethics Lecture 2015
(Law Gazette April 2015)
33. Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism – Recent Developments (Law Gazette January 2015)
34. Personal Data Protection in the Workplace (Law Gazette June 2014)
35. How Well Do You Understand the Personal Data Protection Act and its Practical Implications? (Law Gazette April 2014)
36. Withdrawal Symptoms and Remedy - Discharge from Acting and Reasonable Care to be Taken (Law Gazette November 2013)
37. Owners, Keepers -Releasing Copies of Past Correspondence to a Former Client and Applicable Charges (Law Gazette October 2013)
38. Criminal Practice and Its Intents (Law Gazette September 2013)
39. Insurance After the Event – Service to Your Clients (Law Gazette June 2013)
40. Nipping Client Peeves in the Bud (Law Gazette May 2013)
41. An Interview with Derrick Wong – A Conveyancing Practice (Law Gazette April 2013)
42. Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment – Using Intuition as a Guide (Law Gazette January 2013)
43. Publicity of Law Practice in Online Forums, Blogs and Other Social Media Platforms (Law Gazette August 2012)
44. The Ethical Perils of Breaching Criminal Procedural Rules on the Client’s Instructions (Law Gazette May 2012)
45. Clients Need to Know What They Need to Pay (Law Gazette March 2012)
46. Offering a Bill of Costs for Taxation - A Morality Tale
Law Society of Singapore v Andre Ravindran Saravanapavan Arul [2011] SGHC 224 (Law Gazette February 2012)