Statement from the Law Society of Singapore on Grossman LLC's Media Statement

The Law Society takes strong exception to part of Amos Yee's lawyers Grossman LLC's media statement published on 24 March applauding US Judge Samuel Cole's decision. That reads : "The decision timely underscores the vital need for an independent judiciary in a functioning democracy."

This pretextual insinuation and underwhelming undermining of the Singapore judiciary is both baseless and mischievous. It also demonstrates a contempt for court verdicts in other jurisdictions. Amos Yee was lawfully prosecuted (not persecuted) in a court of law. In his 2016 prosecution, he pleaded guilty to charges of wounding religious feelings of Christians and Muslims. He was ultimately convicted, and sentenced, by competent courts in Singapore for criminal offences. At all material times both at first instance courts and during appeal, Yee had been legally represented and was afforded all due process in law.

Grossman LLC's media statement on this point perfectly illustrates all that is wrong about the right to, but not responsibility for, free speech.