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Practice Management Manual

The Practice Management Manual 2011 is being updated. The updated version will be published soon.

1. Social Engineering – A perennial challenge (Eddie Toh, Forensic Partner and Chua Zong Fu, Associate Director, Forensic, KPMG in Singapore)
2. Fight On or Take Flight?
Asking the right questions to survive and thrive in the legal profession (Michael S Chia, MSC Law Corporation)
3. “But I found it on Google!”: Legal Research in the age of Digital Amnesia (Law Gazette December 2016)
4. Getting your firm onto the Net (Law Gazette October 2016)
5. Digital “War Rooms” in Hearings, Trials and Beyond: How Technology Innovations in Singapore, the UK and the US Are Transforming the Legal Landscape (Law Gazette October 2016)
6. The Use of Social Media and Internet Message Boards to Effect Substituted Service in Singapore (Law Gazette September 2016)
7. Legal Technology – Dispelling the Myths (Law Gazette August 2016)
8. Risk Management – Hurry Narain Purrunsing v A' Court & Co (A Firm) & Anor [2016] EWHC 789 (Ch) (Law Gazette July 2016)
9. Computer Forensics (Law Gazette June 2016)
10. A Short Primer on Social Media (Law Gazette April 2016)
11. Nipping Client Issues in the Bud Through Incorporating Mediation Clauses in Letters of Engagement (Law Gazette June 2015)
12. E-discovery in Asia: An Insight on Best Practices (Law Gazette June 2015)